Do immigrants disperse? And does dispersal mean integration? A European review and latest evidence from the U.K.

Nissa Finney, University of Manchester

Where migrants and their children live, across Europe and within nation states continues to be a social, political and academic issue of importance in relation to settlement and integration policies, social and geographical inequalities, and demographic change. Building on themed sessions on the topic of minority internal migration in Europe at EPC 2008, this paper has three aims: first, to review empirical findings on the migration of immigrants and their descendants (ethnic minorities) within thirteen European countries. This draws on the book project ‘Minority Internal Migration in Europe’ (Ashgate, 2012). Second, this paper will review latest evidence from the UK, including the 2011 Census, on residential patterns of migrants and ethnic minorities. Thirdly, the paper will call for greater theoretical engagement and will pose the notion of ‘migration inequalities’.

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Presented in Session 30: Internal migration of immigrants