Correlates of postpartum complication among currently married Indian women

Tapash Biswas, Society for Women Workers and Child Labour Elimination, New Delhi
Dilip T.R., World Health Organization (WHO)

The complication of the postpartum complications started with the delivery and it is severe after the two month of the delivery and it is related to a variety of personal, family and social economic variables. This paper makes an attempt to present a model that describes women’s health over the first/last postpartum year and the relationships between health changes and other variables. The core model’s dependent variable is combination of the two variables which describes PPC i.e., high vaginal bleeding and high fever after two months. The independent variables within the model include, social/health support, complication of the child birth, mother use of alcohol and chewing tobacco, beetle leaf, smoking cigarettes, and the economic and demographic characteristics. This model proposed as a research tool for future investigation in Postpartum Complications and as a conceptual framework to enhance our understanding of the relationships between Postpartum Complication and other important variables. Key words: Age of the mother, Body Mass Index, Wealth, Habit, Religion, Delivery Complications, Region.

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Presented in Session 70: Reproductive health outcomes