The migrations and depopulation in Opole Silesia

Joanna Dybowska, Instytut Slaski w Opolu

The aim of this paper is to explain the phenomenon of migrations abroad from the area of Opole Silesia, the scale of which is the most intensiv in Poland, as well as to discuss its consequences for the current demographic situation, icluding prospects of the further socioeconomic development of this region. Opole Silesia was incorporated into Poland after the end of the Second World War. The differences in the regional backgrounds of the inhabitans have affected the course of the demographic processes in the territorial cross-section of the province, corresponding to the dominance of either the native group or the immigratory population.Emigration of the native inhabitans to Germany has been a vital element of the population movemetn and has effectively resulted in hampering the rate of increase in the total number of population, then population decline.Now the authorities of the region are working on launching a Special Demographic Zone. Paper discuss deffects in official statistics, propose a method of calculating the "unregistered" migration and correcting the total number of the population also.

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Presented in Poster Session 3